My Daily Skin Routine


This is my daily skin routine. I use this combination every day! I recently received the Caudalie moisturizer and serum set from sephora for my birthday gift this month! I was beyond impressed with this gem! I have oily skin, so finding a good moisturizer that’s lightweight and hydrates my skin is something I love in a moisturizer. This moisturizer is lightweight, it hydrates my skin without feeling greasy. I would highly recommend to my oily babes out there! The serum left my skin feeling radiant, and left  me witha beautiful glow! A little goes a long way, this is a great investment for your skin.

I cannot emphasize the importance of water! First thing when I wake up in the morning I must have my water! In order to have healthy skin on the outside it starts on the inside! Water moisturizes your skin, keeps it fresh, glowing, and smooth! It helps get rid of wrinkles! Personally, I find water gives me the energy I need to start my day it puts me in a good mood! Drinking water helps you concentrate and focus throughout the day!

Lastly, my clay mask I love Garnier skin active 2 in 1 clay cleanser! I use this daily! It smells amazing, and has a cool feel to the mask when it’s fully dry on your face. I exfoliate with my facial glove just twice a week. This helps tremendously combating my oily skin, I couldn’t go a day without this cleanser!


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