Diorshow Mascara Review 


So recently I purchased the Diorshow mascara, my friends were highly recommending this particular mascara. I wasn’t convinced, but once I saw one of  my girlfriends lashes I was sold! I removed my lash extensions prior to trying the mascara to give my eyes a much needed break. I figured this would be a great alternative, a mascara that will give me that va-va voom effect lol. I went to Sephora and purchased it. I tried it on the next day, just to see how my lashes would look from morning to night. I was excited waiting for that moment where my lashes would be overwhelmingly amazing. To my avail, nothing happened. I had to reapply mid day, and some more after because the so called waterproof mascara smudged. I was disappointed but figured I would give the mascara at least two weeks to fully use it. Well, I couldn’t wait the full two weeks and returned it within just one week. Needless to say, I was sad not only because my girlfriends were raving about this but I spent $28.50 on a mascara lol. A mascara I purchased from the drugstore was a much better mascara, and I paid less than five dollars. Like the old saying goes “you win some, you lose some” lol


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