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A few goodies I picked up this weekend! For the longest time, I’ve used the Makeup Forever HD foundation. It’s been my holy grail foundation. I went to Sephora this past weekend, and rather go for my regular lol I opted for a new type of foundation. I bought the Smashbox studio skin 15 hour hydrating foundation. I’ve heard great things about this brand. This foundation is buildable! I can either go for the natural everyday look or add more coverage for that full glam look! I wore the foundation for about 8 hours, it held up great! I have oily skin, and to have a foundation that will last all day and not crack sometimes can be tricky. Don’t get me wrong I still love my makeup forever, but this one is my new favorite lol
I bought the Olendriksen sheer transformation perfecting moisturizer. I was in the check out line, and just like the grocery store Sephora has a bunch of goodies as you’re waiting in line lol. I needed a new moisturizer anyways. I heard great things about this brand. I figure $12 to try this product instead of buying the full size isn’t a bad investment lol. I tried it on the following day was immediately sold! I will definitely buy the full size once I’m done. The moisturizer helped to control my oils throughout the day! The feel is light and left my skin looking radiant! I’m not sure if I was seeing things but it seemed like my skin tone was even once applied lol I kid you not, my skin looked amazing! I found my new favorite moisturizer.

Finally, I picked up the wet and wild eye shadow primer, I didn’t purchase it for my eyeshadow lol I purchased it for my smile lines prior to applying my foundation. I’ve heard eyeshadow primer in your smile lines helps drastically in reducing creasing, it doesn’t completely go away but helps dramatically. I gave the primer a try in my smile lines, and it definitely works ladies! Helped reduce the amount of creasing in my smile lines, and undereye!


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