DIY nails!

About me

I recently started doing my nails at home again, boy can we say savings lol. Probably won’t catch me at the nail salon for a bit lol. Not only did I have fun creating different looks, but I get more compliments on my press on’s than my salon nails. The cost of this was about $13 dollars! I ordered a 200 pack of nails, and large assortment of rhinestones on amazon. The smaller pack of rhinestones I purchased at my local dollar tree. 

How I achieved this look was to firstly measure each press on to my natural nails. Once I have the correct nails, I attach each nail to a q-tip with tape. I place the nails on a paper towel to avoid a mess. I paint the nails on the paper towel, and add the necessary coats. For my accent nails I added rhinestones to the bottom of the nail. This was my first time using rhinestones, it wasn’t the best application but I tried lol. I used the tools from the rhinestones for an easier application. I allowed the nails to dry overnight to ensure no smudging. Upon applying my press on nails, I push the cuticles back with my cuticle tool. This is what makes the nail look as natural, have the press on as close to the cuticle. After applying all press on’s, I use my nail file to file the sides and near my cuticles for a natural appearance! Voila! You’ve just achieved your at home manicure! Now go show them off lol
Love, love, love this look. One of my favorites so far! I can’t wait to achieve more looks, and perfect my craft lol. 


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